Is Dental Revenue Solutions insured?

Yes, Dental Revenue Solutions is insured.

Is Dental Revenue Solutions HIPAA compliant?

Yes, our dental billing company is HIPAA trained and compliant. We operate with a signed Business Associate Agreement. All of our communications are through secure email and file sharing programs.

Does Dental Revenue Solutions require a long-term contract?

No. We do provide you with a contract, but you do not have to choose a term. Our contract simply outlines what you can expect from us as a dental billing provider so you can feel comfortable knowing your needs will be met. Dental Revenue Solutions does not require you to lock in to a contractual term, and we also do not require a long-term commitment or start up fee. If you’d like, your contract can be renewed on a monthly basis.

Will I need to change my software if I use Dental Revenue Solutions’ services?

No. At Dental Revenue Solutions, we work with your current software program and determine how best to connect to your software. If it’s cloud-based, we will require a separate login specifically made for us. Our dental billing company can also access your software through your server or a designated work station. There’s no need to switch to unfamiliar software, or invest in a new dental billing services solution – we’ll work with your current system, saving you time, money, and hassle.

Who handles the money at Dental Revenue Solutions?

We never directly handle your money. Once your claim has been processed, the insurance company sends the EOB and payment directly to you. You scan and email the information directly to us. We will post the payment and EOB to your software. If the EOB states that the claim has been denied, we will follow-up, make adjustments if necessary, and resubmit the claim. We will save you the headache of consistently following up on claims, which will allow you to tend to your patients.

Do you contact our patients?

No. You have worked hard to develop relationships with your patients. Your staff is there to answer questions and give your patients information about their claims and payments. You do the people work, we’ll do the paper work!

What do your services cost?

The pricing structure used by Dental Revenue Solutions will depend on the services selected and size of your dental office. For more information about pricing for your dental office, contact us today.

Will using your services replace my staff?

Dental Revenue Solutions won’t necessarily replace your staff, but we will work as an extra pair of hands. You can rest assured knowing your dental billing is being handled by an expert on insurance policy changes, and you will eliminate the need to hire and train a new employee for the work, or redirect staff to take care of the daily task of dental billing. If your office is looking to fill a position, our services may eliminate that need. Choosing us to complete these services will help relieve the daily stress of paperwork, and allow you to connect with your patients without being distracted by worry.


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