Dental Revenue Solutions is a full-service, Maine-based company. Our Dental Insurance Billing Service includes the following:

Claim Scrubbing

At Dental Revenue Solutions, we ensure that claims are correct the first time, eliminating errors and additional costs associated with correcting mistakes. We review all claims for missing or incorrect information and ensure that all necessary attachments are included. Periodontal charting, radiographs, oral images, narratives and other pertinent information will be included with claims to secure their success the first time and help you get paid faster. Submitting complete and accurate claims will help your business become more efficient and save you time and money that would otherwise be put toward correcting claim errors.

Claim Submission

Dental Revenue Solutions will submit pre-authorizations and claims with necessary attachments on your behalf, ensuring that they are sent on time and correctly. We will send them electronically through your current electronic claims system, or print or fax as needed, ensuring efficiency, eliminating operational costs, and diminishing the stress associated with maintaining the paper work at your practice.

Insurance Accounts Receivable Follow-up

Perhaps the most time-consuming step of dental billing requires actively pursuing unpaid claims over 30 days. At Dental Revenue Solutions, our dental billing services include follow-up with unpaid claims and ensure that underpaid claims are reprocessed and paid correctly. This practice ensures that you receive payments and eliminates administrative costs that would otherwise be dedicated to pursuing these claims. We will also appeal denied claims and ensure that all steps are taken to secure payment.

Explanation of Benefits (EOB) and Insurance Check Posting

We will post all EOBs, required insurance adjustments, and insurance payments to patient accounts, ensuring that your system is up-to-date and accurate. We will make sure that your patients stay informed about their financial obligations by keeping your current billing software correct and complete.

Patient Statements

Patient statements will be created within your software program and sent the same day insurance claims are posted. This prompt turnaround will ensure that your patients are kept up-to-date about their care, and given fast and reliable customer service.


At Dental Revenue Solutions, we always provide you with a report of our work. Our dental billing services include your choice of a weekly or monthly report so that you can see what we’ve done for you and your patients.


If you need billing and coding support, we will provide our services whenever they’re needed. We can communicate with you via email, phone, or in-person to provide you with the support you need to complete billing and coding tasks.


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